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Maras Chile Flakes - 1.6oz



Our Maras Chile Flakes find their way into almost anything we create, from seafood to cocktail rims, making them our one of our go-to single origin spices. They are the perfect chile flake because of their bold, irresistible flavor without an overpowering heat, making them perfect for every palate.

Maras refers to the town in Turkey where these chiles are grown. They have a mild/ medium heat and incredible delicious flavor reminiscent of tomatoes and roasting chiles.

These are our go to chile flake that we use in nearly everything. They bring an amazing flavor without overpowering with heat.

Glass Jar Net Weight: 1.6oz

No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers


Sunflower Oil, Salt, Maras Chile Flakes


Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Farmers in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey grow Maras peppers—also known as Aleppo across the border in Syria, where the civil war has destroyed production—in a fertile plain at the base of Ahir Mountain. Dubbed by the Wall Street Journal as the “Eartha Kitt of chiles” for its sultry heat and slow burn, Maras peppers are harvested in late summer, then sun-dried during the day, and wrapped in cloth at night to “sweat.” This unique regional method traps moisture, boosting the pepper’s trademark “wetness,” also enhanced by the cut size of the flakes, which plays a role in how much salt and oil they will hold. Naturally regenerative, a single Maras pepper seed grows into a plant that yields hundreds of peppers, and we hand-select each one after harvest.


    • The flavor compounds of chiles disperse in oil. Use less in oil based dishes and more in water based dishes to find the right amount of heat.

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