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Central Coast Creamery Goat Gouda - 6.5oz


Central Coast Creamery

 Paso Robles, CA

""Our Goat Gouda is an award winning favorite!  It is made from 100% whole goat milk and goat cream and aged on pine wood in our ripening room for at least 5 months.  This semi-soft cheese is ivory colored with a smooth mouth feel and the slightly grainy texture of an aged cheese.  Goat Gouda has a caramel scent and a slightly nutty and sweet flavor that makes this cheese an ideal choice for your cheese tray or picnic basket or when pairing with your favorite wine or beer.""

""We focus on making small, handcrafted batches of cheese using 500 gallons or less of quality milk that is free of artificial hormone and sourced from local dairies."" Central Coast Creamery

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