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Best of Brokaw Box

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Only $19.95 ($28 value) for 5lb assorted mix of Brokaw's citrus and subtropical seasonal fruit. Terms: Discount automatically applied at checkout. Sale ends  Saturday 2/3/24 at 9 am PST, or sooner if we sell out. 

Indulge in the true taste of California-grown, farmer's market produce with the Best of Brokaw Box. This seasonal mix of locally-grown, sub-tropical and citrus fruits is hand-picked by renowned grower Will Brokaw and his team. Chefs consider Will the ultimate avocado expert and his ranch also offers exceptional sub-tropical and citrus fruit during the winter months. This 5 lb assortment features the finest selection from Brokaw Ranch that is in season this week. Each box is packed on the morning of your order.

The current featured fruit includes a variety of options, subject to availability as they are sourced from local farmer's markets:

Hayward Kiwis - 1lb
White Guavas - 1lb
Organic Washington Navel Oranges - 1lb
Moro Blood Oranges - 1lb
Eureka Lemons - 1lb

5lb total

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