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Whole Tautog/Blackfish - ea

At roughly 3 lbs each fish serves three to four people. A delicious shellfish-eater from the northeast. Mild white flesh with a hint of sweetness from the shellfish these guys devour.
Comes Scaled & Gutted/ Ready to Eat
Let us know if you'd like the fish filleted out for you.  

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Origin: Massachusetts
Method of Capture: Hook & Line Caught
Wild or Farmed: Wild
  • Management restrictions such as closed seasons and daily limits mean that the stock is not currently experiencing overfishing in Massachusetts.
  • Regulated by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Tautog has a very strong resilient skin that ranges from gray to dark green. Their diet consists of a variety of mollusks that sharpens their fully-developed teeth and give its flesh a briny sweetness. 

CHOWDER: This is considered to be the best Chowder Fish. It's soft yet still holds its integrity when incorporated into soups and stews.

ROASTING: Season fish well with salt and pepper. Roast in a cast iron pan or on a very hot grill. Brush liberally with butter and place in the oven on high heat for 12 minutes. Pull out to rest for 5. Spoon big chunks of fillet onto plates to serve and sprinkle liberally with garlic bread crumbs and lemon.

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