Vella Cheese Company of California

Vella Dry Jack Special Select ~8oz



One of the first American artisan cheeses, this aged Monterey Jack is rubbed with cocoa powder and black pepper with a nutty, pale yellow interior.

The Vella family has been making artisan cheese in Sonoma, California since 1931. This dry jack is aged an extra 7-10 months to achieve its dry texture and nutty flavor. Well suited to be shaved over a salad, or melted on a grilled cheese. 

MILK: pasteurized cow's milk
TASTING: dry, salty, hard
SERVING: melted on a grilled cheese sandwich, grated over soups
PAIRING: dark lagers, chardonnay, dried fruits and nuts
Vella Cheese Co.
Sonoma, CA
Special Select has all the same qualities as our Dry Jack but is is aged a minimum of one year and up to two years. Special Select has a firmer texture than our traditional Dry Jack due to its extra aging (much like aged Reggiano Parmigiano) but it is well worth the effort. Special Select complements the flavor of fruits and wine and is excellent with pasta entrées. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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