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Tesori Extra Vigin Olive Oil- 5L


Harvested from 100+ year old trees located on the hilltop town of Castelvetrano facing the Mediterranean Sea. A deliciously grassy, buttery and slightly peppery oil to drizzle on dishes just before serving. A truly addictive olive oil.

Color: Emerald green with gold reflections.
Fragrance: Fresh olive, tomato leaf, artichoke, freshly cut grass.
Taste: Grassy upfront, round and buttery on the mid palate, peppery finish.
Character: Intense with light, peppery finish
Serve as a finishing oil on: Vegetable or meat sauce, tomato/
basil/mozzarella salad, burrata, pasta with tomato, grilled fish or steak, vegetable or fish soups, salads, steamed vegetables, carpaccio of meat or fish.

Soil Composition: mineral-rich clay and manganese
Region: Valle del Belice (Castelvetrano)
Altitude: 300 meters above sea level
Acidity: between 0.1 and 0.3
Olive Varietals: 95% Nocellara del Belice olives (referred to in the U.S. as thev“Castelvetrano” olive). 5% Biancolilla olives
Harvest Period: 4th week of October – 1st week of November 2019
Harvest Method: by Hand
Bottling period: End January
Extraction : Continuous cycle at controlled temp less than 26 degreed Celsius, within 36 hours from harvest
Filtration: Unfiltered
Packaging: 5 liter tins, sold 4 tins to a case

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