Terga Orange Blossom Water - 600 ml


Obtained by distillation of bitter orange flowers (Bigaradier) carefully selected from the best terroirs in Lebanon.

The flowers of the orange blossom bloom in spring. The orange flower water is then extracted by steam distillation of the flowers from the Bigaradier. This very old tree from Southeast Asia has been exported throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The Bigaradier tree produces the famous bitter oranges necessary for making orange marmalade.

Suggested Uses: Orange Blossom Water use is very popular throughout the Mediterranean basin where it is used to flavor confectionery, pastries, ice cream, cocktails, and beverages like lemonade and iced tea.

A crucial ingredient in crêpes, madeleines, brioches and yogurt. In the South of France it is essential in the famous Tropézienne!

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