Four Star Seafood

Summer Produce Box


Seasonal Vegetables from our Local Farmers hand-sorted by our chefs.

This weeks produce box includes:

3 ea. Fully Belly Farm japanese eggplant

3 ea. Riverdog Farm sunburst squash (organic)

3 ea. RIverdog Farm costata romanesco summer squash

1 ea. Riverdog Farmronde de nice squash

3 ea. Riverdog Farm yellow zucchini

1 lb Zuckerman gypsy peppers (sweet)

1 lb Dirty Girl Produce yellow wax beans

1 lb Dirty Girl Produce romano beans

1 pint Everything Under the Sun sungold cherry tomatoes

1 pint Everything Under the Sun sweet 100 cherry tomatoes

1 lb lunchbox orange peppers (sweet)

1 lb Zuckerman jimmy nardello peppers

2 bunch Zuckerman orange carrots

2 ea.  Riverdog farm serpentine cucumbers

2 lbs zuckerman farms yukon gold potatoes

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Happy Quail Farms Rhubarb, Sunny Delight Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Organic Green Tomatoes, Yellow Sunny Kiss Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Corn, Organic Calliope Baby Eggplant, Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes, Sweet Zucchini Summer Squash, Armenian Cucumbers, Organic Iceberg Lettuce, Ronde d'Nice. Contents may vary.

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