Four Star Seafood

Scorpionfish / Rascasse (NZ) - ea


'Grandaddy Hapuku' is crown jewel of an sashimi bar display case, with twelve venomous spines along its skin and lobster-like translucent flesh.

Roughly 2lb scorpionfish just flown in from NZ. Classic bouillabaisse fish.

Origin: Upper North Island of New Zealand
Method of Capture: Long-Line Caught and Ike-Jime'd
Wild or Farmed: Wild
  • Friend of the Sea Certified
  • Managed under the Quota Management System
  • Bright orange & heavily armored by venomous spines with striking black eyes
  • Succulent, sweet white meat with a firm texture
  • Beautifully versatile, will lend itself across baked, poached or sautéed applications
  • Raw applications will be where Scorpionfish shines, especially in sashimi or ceviche
  • If simmered whole in salt water and chilled overnight, the pearly white meat picked from the skin and bones has a lobster-like flavor

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