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San Giacomo Red Wine Vinegar (6 year)

Two local grape varietals—fruity, juicy Croatina and light, bright Barbera grapes—create a balanced, vibrant blend, with an intense aroma and rounded caramel notes in addition to sharp acidity. Use Acetaia San Giacomo's Six-Year Reserve wherever you might use red, white or sherry vinegar; a small amount will suffice since this vinegar is undiluted and more potent than others. Splash some in with caramelized onions to add brightness, or use it in place of sherry vinegar in our Onion Frittata with Sherry Vinegar Sauce. We also like substitute this red wine vinegar for sherry vinegar in our Portuguese Style Beef with Pickled Onions and Olives or Roasted Chicken Breasts with Grapes and Sherry Vinegar. Add a splash to bean soups, especially lentils or your favorite marinara sauce, where it'll cut the sweetness of the tomatoes and elevate the other flavors. Or pair Six-Year Reserve Red Wine Vinegar with good olive oil to dip bread in as you would balsamic, to savor all the vibrant qualities of this bold, complex ingredient.

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Producer: Acetaia San Giacomo

Location: Novellara, Reggio Emilia, Italy

According to Italian legislation, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia PDO (ABTRE) is a food condiment (not a vinegar, even if the word ""Vinegar"" is found in the denomination) which follows a rigorous production specification. The PDO was recognized in 2000.


It was a "" medicated conditioner "". It therefore goes without saying that it was considered such for its excellent organoleptic, nutritional and qualitative qualities as well as for the strong symbolic load that only an extraordinary aging could give.


Despite the ancient origins ( 1046 , the first document that speaks of a "" perfect vinegar"" contained in small barrels and 1747 the first document that speaks of ""Balsamic"" as opposed to common vinegar, both on Reggio Emilia ), there are NO old recipes .


It was therefore NOT an ingredient, much less a product used daily. It was something special, unique. An elixir.


Instead, explaining how ABTRE is done is an undertaking that cannot be explained in FEW words and that, above all, cannot be explained ONLY in words. Experience, from this point of view, plays a fundamental role.


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