New Zealand

Red Snapper (NZ) 1-2lb each

New Zealand red snapper comes scaled & gutted- Ready to Cook!  Perfect fish for either roasting whole or steaming.  Beautiful golden red color.  Pristine fish.
Origin: Upper half of New Zealand, from Golden Bay north in water depths of 30-300 feet
Method of Capture: Long-Line
Wild or Farmed: Wild
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium "Good Alternative" Certified
  • Friend of the Sea Certified
  • Managed under the NZ Quota Management System
  • Red skin with golden scales.
  • NZ snapper is rich in a naturally occuring amino acid called glycine which results in its characterictic sweet flavor. It is a must-have item for any menu.
  • The flesh is light with a pinkish tinge, and cooks up white, with medium flake/texture.
  • Raw in sushi or sashimi
  • Poached, BBQ, Baked, Smoked, Marinated, Fried
  • In a soup or chowder

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