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Quince Paste with Espelette - 200g


F. Doucet, a family confiserie in its third generation, is in a part of Provence largely untouched by tourism—where you can still hear the wonderful Provençal accent. The team is renowned for their pâtes de fruits and this quince paste is made using a similar traditional technique: in small batches, stirring the fresh fruit pulp in copper cauldrons and pouring it into classic wood molds.

In proposing the addition of espelette to the traditional paste, Kitty realized she was flying in the face of conventional wisdom. Fortunately, the folks at F. Doucet are modern thinkers and so they embraced this new provocative product out of modern sensibilities. The result: a French-style membrillo with a gentle, warming heat, in an attractive wooden tray.

Why We Like It
The paste is made using only the best quality local quince and AOP espelette powder, capturing the peak of fall fruit flavor. 

Ingredients: Sugar, quince from Provence pulp, wheat glucose syrup, Piment d’Espelette AOP, gelling agent (pectin) and Bourbon vanilla. 

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