Frog Hollow Farms

Quince - 2 each


Perfumed Aroma / Tart / Best cooked or roasted 

Quince is a unique fruit primarily cultivated for culinary purposes rather than consumption in its natural state. In contrast to the more common apple, quinces are firmer and less juicy, qualities that prove advantageous when used in cooking.

When quinces are subjected to heat, they undergo a captivating transformation, turning a vibrant reddish hue that can spark delightful discussions at the dining table.

These versatile fruits can be enjoyed in various preparations, such as poached, incorporated into delectable tarts, or transformed into fragrant jams, jellies, and sauces. For a delightful treat, consider making a luscious Membrillo, a quince paste, using ripe quinces.

Wonderful poached in a wine syrup and served with Manchego cheese or as a dessert with ice cream or in a pudding.

2 each (about 1.5 lbs in total)

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