Pariani Pine Nuts - 100g


We are so excited to offer these special Pine Nuts from Pariani.  The majority of pine nuts in the U.S. are currently exported from Russia, China, and Afghanistan due to their labor-intensive harvesting process. And even though we have them growing here on the West Coast, domestic product are very hard to come by.  Pariani's pine nuts are 100% Italian.  Use them sparingly; they are more intense and flavorful than most other pine nuts.  Toast them briefly to wake up their aroma, and then incorporate them into pestos, sauces, pasta, baked goods and pasties.  

Pariani is a company dedicated to "research and excellence" of all Italian nut-based products.  The owner wrote his dissertation on Hazelnut Oil, designed a top-secret nut oil machine, and went on to found a company with strategic facilities in specific regions based on regional specialties (a facility in Sicily specifically for pistachios, one in Piemonte specifically for Hazelnuts, etc.)

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