Peconic Escargot

Peconic Shelled Escargot - lb


 Peconic Escargot raised a heritage French species of snail called Petit Gris, or little Grey Snail, prized for their incredible flavor and tenderness.  Smaller than your typical canned snail; these are the bay scallops of the snail world - sweet and tender!  First introduced to North America when it was brought over from Europe in the 1850s.  

The snails are raised on a diet of foraged greens like dandelion, burdock, clover, and sorrel.  After all, if they were in the wild, that's what they would be eating.  Once ready for processing, the snails are finished on a diet of mint, basil, and tarragon.  These herbs become prominent nuances in the snail's ultimate flavor. 

The Shelled Snails can be cooked in several ways, depending on your final texture preference.  Slowly poaching or sous-vide (highly recommended) will result in a tender and meaty texture whereas a quick pan-fry will yield a snail with a bit more chew, similar to calamari or clams.  

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