Pariani Candied Pear Cubes - 260g

Pariani's Candied Pears are made from the sweet and delicious Martin Sec Pear.  The Martin Sec pear is native to the Province of Cuneo, in Northen Italy.  When harvested it has a crunchy and tannic flavor that is not suitable for fresh consumption.  Instead, this pear is a classic baking pear; perfect for candying.  Parianis Candied Pear cubes are perfect for folding into cake batter, frostings, or spooned over ice cream, crepes, or panna cotta.


Location: Givoletto TO, Italy

glucose syrup, pear(28%), sugar.

May contain traces of nuts (pistachio, hazelnut, walnut, almond, Pecan nut, Queensland nut, cashew nut), egg, soy, milk, gluten, celery, and sesame

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