Pariani Candied Citron Cubes - 260g

Pariani's Candied Citron Cubes are made from the fragrant peel of the Calabrian Citron.  The Citron is a  citrus fruit native to Calabria whose principle culinary usage has been in candied form, where it is found in fruitcakes and pannetones. Perfect for folding into cake batter, frostings, or spooned over ice cream, crepes, or panna cotta.


Location: Givoletto TO, Italy

Calabrian green cedars, diced, candied with sugar and glucose syrup

May contain traces of nuts (pistachio, hazelnut, walnut, almond, Pecan nut, Queensland nut, cashew nut), egg, soy, milk, gluten, celery, and sesame

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