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Pakistan Mulberries - 1/2 pint


While Mulberries look like berries they are actually a tree fruit. Technically they are a “multiple fruit” meaning that each “berry” is composed of many individually fertilized flowers that grow into one mass as they mature. Mulberries are found in various sizes and colors but the Pakistan Mulberry is touted as the “queen of mulberries” for its huge size and deep color. 

The biggest challenge with mulberries is how delicate they are naturally. They are one of the most challenging fruits to grow and distribute commercially because they have such delicate skin, high sugar content, and relatively low acidity (which usually helps inhibit the growth of mold). That is why we are one of the only farms growing them at scale in Northern California. 

 It is also important to note that the Mulberry is a naturally "slimy" fruit because they contain a lot of dietary fiber. Once the delicate skin starts to break they will get shiny and juicy on the outside but are still great for eating and cooking with.  

When you get your Mulberries to your kitchen (if you don’t eat them on the way home) we recommend refrigerating or freezing. To freeze lay a single layer on a plate in the freezer until frozen and then store in a freezer safe container for later use. They are AMAZING in smoothies and the freezing process seems to concentrate their already delicious flavor. We also have kitchen grade Mulberries available for all you smoothie lovers, bakers, and jam makers! 

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