Four Star Seafood

MT Honey- Italian Chestnut (250 g.)



Mieli Thun

Location: Vigo di Ton TN, Italy

Aroma of acacia and white spring flowers, with hints of jordan almonds and bourbon vanilla. to the palate it is sweet and silken, and its finish confirms the full range of different olfactory sensations, revealing a fresh note of sweet almond. definitely the highest in fructose content, the sweetest and most hygroscopic of honeys.

Used in candied fruit and vegetables, or to preserve them in syrup. always liquid and easily soluble, it is also ideal for fruit salads, where it limits oxidation, good also as a glaze on fruit tarts and fruit cakes in general. added to tomato sauce it exalts the flavor while toning down the acidity.



Accompaniments: goat cheeses, pecorini and blue cheeses.