Minus 8 Original Barrel Vinegar - 2oz


ORIGIN: Ontario, Canada

Original Barrel Minus 8 Vinegar is drawn from the very first barrel of Minus 8 vinegar, from 1997.  It is the oldest Minus 8 Vinegar.  Each of the limited number of bottles made is 2 oz. (60 ml), and capped with an eye dropper for precision application.  The Minus 8 Vinegar has naturally concentrated, developed in flavour and thickened through evaporation while aging in mild French Oak.

Wine Vinegar 5% Acetic Acid Optimal storage: 12°C/55°F, 45% Humidity

Intense fruit flavour and rich sweetness balance with the mouth watering acidity that follows.  Figs, icewine, pineapple and candy apple play off  caramel, toasted nuts, mild oak, and spice.  Sweet 16 has a long, mellow finish.

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