MAPLE8 - Maple Vinegar



Minus 8

Maple Syrup Vinegar

5% Acetic Acid

Optimal Storage 12˚C/55˚F 45% Humidity

Appearance: Deep bright golden amber colour.

Density: Medium thick with rich viscosity.

Aromas: Elegant nose of maple syrup, ripe yellow plum, cooked apple and French vanilla with woodsy notes and hints of raw hazelnut, burnt sugar, rye and earth.

Palate: Impressive sweet and sour entry follows by rich flavours of buckwheat honey, maple sugar, caramel, lemon curd, candied fruit and melon, with notes of white pineapple, dried citrus peel, mineral and spice. Crisp acidity tempers the natural sweetness and refreshes the palate on the finish.

Uses: Chefs will find many uses for this unique vinegar. We love using it in marinades for fish (think ceviche) and chicken, in glazed root vegetables, adding it to the liquid in the slow cooker, and in a BBQ sauce. Try a few drops of this over fresh grapefruit, or use it to balance icings or dessert preparations.

Maple 8 Vinegar is the essence of pure maple syrup.

• 4 years of aging Maple 8 in oak barrels developed delicious flavors.

• Barrel fermented from Québec maple syrup.

• For savoury, pastry & bar.