Minus 8 Maple Verjus - 500ml


ORIGIN: Ontario, Canada

Sour and fruity pure premium Minus 8 grape musts are blended with the best Québec maple syrup.

Several varieties of premium Minus 8 grapes are hand-picked while they are unripe, and at several more stages throughout the ripening process.  The grape juice blend that is made from these grapes is sour on the palate.

For balance to the sour notes, we use the sweetness of maple syrup.  The best tasting (in our opinion) pure maple syrup from Québec was made for us.  The maple syrup is blended with the Minus 8 grape juice to make Maple Brix Verjus.  It does not contain any vinegar (acetic acid).  Refrigerate Maple Brix after opening.

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