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Limited Edition Pepper Box

$39 $50

This limited edition Pepper Box is curated from Local Farms and hand-sorted by our chefs.  If you're a fan of peppers, then you'll love this opportunity to stock up and eat them fresh and incorporate into your dinner recipes.  This box is also a dream for pickling and canning at home! 6.5 lbs total!

Including, but not limited to*:

Purple Bell Peppers (Organic) - Riverdog Farm (1 lb)

Shishito Peppers (Organic) - Star Route (1/2 lb)

Lunchbox Orange Peppers - Zuckerman's Farm (1 lb)

Gypsy Peppers - Sourced from various Local Farmers (1 lb)

Jimmy Nardello Peppers - Everything Under the Sun (1 lb)

Serrano Peppers (Organic) - Sourced from various Local Farmers (1 lb)

Jalapeno Peppers (Organic) - Covilli Organics (1 lb)

*Contents above are subject to change depending on availability since we source all of these peppers from local farmers markets and growers! This means you're getting the best of the best!  

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