Lauretana Sparkling Water - 750 ml

Not overly fizzy with a nice minerality to it, we love to enjoy this imported sparking water any time of the day!

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Tempio Pausania OT, Italia

Smeraldina natural artesian water originates from Sardinia, an island known everywhere for its natural beauty, its ancient traditions and the high number centenarians. Its source is located in Gallura, far from major cities, industries and other pollution sources, where air is made clear and fresh by steady winds, strong enough to bend oak and mould rocks. Smeraldina originates from here, three hundred meters deep, in the pristine heart of a mountain that was considered sacred by the ancients: Monti di Deu, the Mountain of God. The planet's purest and compact granite filters and enriches Smeraldina water through a very long natural process, giving it oustanding properties.

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