Ava's Mangos

Keitt Mangos (Organic) - 1 ea


Keitt Mangos are unique because of their stunning green skin, large size, slim pit, and smooth texture.  What makes them even cooler is that unlike other mangos, Keitts will turn from orange-green to bright green when ripe!  You'll know they're ripe when they become soft and green because they will give slightly to gentle pressure when gently squeezed.  If needed, we recommend allowing your mangos to ripen at room temperature.    

These gorgeous Keitt mangos come from Howard Marguleas, one of our local California growers and founder of Ava's Mangos, which he named after his daughter.  Howard first started planting mangos in 1984.  Grown in the Coachella Valley, California's desert, the farm has grown to nearly 250 acres.  

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