Pariani Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread - 200g


You will never be able to go back to Nutella after trying the wonderful Hazelnut and Cocoa spread from Pariani.  Lacking all the preservatives and additives of other commercial products, this spread is wonderfully light in texture, yet decadently rich in flavor.  Drizzle it on pastries and baked goods, ice cream, and fresh fruit.

This Hazelnut Cacao spread is made from the best hazelnuts in the world.  Widely recognized as such, these "Nocciola PIemonte I.G.P." are sourced from the Langhe territory by Pariani, a company dedicated to "research and excellence" of all Italian nut-based products.  The owner wrote his dissertation on Hazelnut Oil, designed a top-secret nut oil machine, and went on to found a company with strategic facilities in specific regions based on regional specialties (a facility in Sicily specifically for pistachios, one in Piemonte specifically for Hazelnuts, etc.) 

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