Galveston, TX

Gulf Shrimp U10 - Head On - 1lb


Individually frozen whole colossal U10 white shrimp from Galveston, TX.  Head on!

Beautiful presentation for any dish. These are flash frozen individually, so their plump, succulent freshness is locked in for superior taste and performance in the kitchen.

Make a shrimp scampi, gumbo, or paella. Keep them handy in the freezer for easy weeknight meals. They defrost well and rather quickly. We use these exact same shrimp in our exclusive Paella Kits

We weigh each order on the morning of your delivery. Roughly 8-10 per lb. These are large ones! Classified as colossal size. Check out this handy shrimp size guide on our blog to better understand what size shrimp you're getting or need to purchase for your next meal.

PLEASE NOTE: This product will arrive frozen. 

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