Four Star Seafood and Provisions

Four Star Grilling Kits


Price range: $110.85-$231.85. 

Our Grilling Starter Kits feed four people, and include four servings of a main course, and an array of fresh side dishes with seasoning herbs and spices.

Select the kit you are interested in from the pull-down menu at the bottom of this page. Pictures are examples of what will be in the kit, see below for actual amounts and weights of each item included. 

Main Course - Select one from the four different starter kit style options listed below:

  1. Ora King Salmon Fillet Skin On: 4 fillets (6oz/ea)
  2. Scallops, East Coast Wild Caught 10/20 (average 15pc per pound): 2lbs total (.5lbs per person)
  3. Flannery Dry Aged Ribeye: 4 (12oz/ea)
  4. Surf & Turf: 4 Flannery Dry Aged Ribeye (12oz/ea) + 2lb of U10 Head On Shrimp 

Each starter kit also includes the SAME assortment of side dishes and seasoning herbs and spices, outlined below:

  • Sides: Miyagi Oysters (1 dozen/12 total), Bi-Color Corn (4), Asparagus (1lb), Maitake Mushrooms (1lb)
  • Herbs and Spices: Fresh Parsley (1 bunch), Shallots (1lb), Four Star Grilling Spice (4oz), Olakai Sea Asparagus Pesto (1 jar)

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