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Richards Grassfed NY Steak (16 oz) - ea


Cut from the larger side of the T-bone steak, this Grassfed NY Steak is well marbled with a noticeable layer of fat on the outside, which can keep it moist during cooking. It has a tremendous 'beefy' flavor and a characteristic chew with marbling that makes it more forgiving than a Filet Mignon in terms of overcooking. Grass fed beef tends to be slightly less marbled than corn-fed, but the lack of fat is often made of for in a more assertive beef flavor.

This is a classic steakhouse cut that does well with simple cooking methods - grilled, seared in a cast iron pan or broiled. It does ok with sauces, but the sauce shouldn't overpower the flavor of the steak, particularly with the care given by dry aging. Garlic butter, a compound butter, or rosemary oil is all it really needs to let the flavor and texture of the meat come through.

Certified by the American Grass-fed Association and the first beef company to receive the Savory Institute's Ecological Outcome Verified certificate


Please note - this item will be delivered frozen.

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