Gentile Handmade Fusilli (Organic) - 17.6 oz


Nothing has changed in the preparation of these handmade Fusilli over the last four hundred years! The “fusillare” still twist noodles around a knitting needle and, with a movement of their forearm, create the shape that characterizes this cut, making every single fusillo unique. You will often find the this cut served at a grandmother’s table for Sunday lunch. This particular Fusilli Lunghi cut is twice as long as the Fusilli Corti.

The selected semolina wheat used in this pasta is strictly of Italian origin and of the best quality, including the Senatore Capelli variety which is renowned for cooking to al-dente. It also gives the pasta a golden color. Bronze cut pasta molds create a rough and porous texture much like homemade pasta. The low temperature drying method known as cirillo preserves the distinct texture and aroma.

INGREDIENTS: Durum wheat semolina, water

Producer: Gentile

Origin: Gragnano, Italy

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