Flor del Sal - 100g


Salt flower of Atlantic origin from the Bay of Cádiz. It is made up of small moist crystals that do not crunch in the mouth, dissolve easily and add different flavors to raw salty. It combines perfectly with any food, but due to its rich flavor it is highly recommended for salads and foods cooked on the grill.

La Flor de la Sal is the highest quality sea salt among those existing in the world. Significant differences can be seen in color, flavor, texture and aroma depending on the sea or ocean from which the water used for its preparation comes. The one of Atlantic origin achieves the highest quality score among those on the market.

The method used to obtain it in the Traditional Saltworks guarantees the best of qualities due to, among other things, its excellent treatment without the participation of any machinery in its breeding, collection or packaging. The flower is picked manually with the moon at sunset with a tool very similar to a butterfly net, floating in the crystallizers, where the water has previously "matured" to form a very thin layer 1 millimeter thick, similar to the one that ice forms in the surface some frozen seas. Hence the name by which this flower of salt from the Bay of Cádiz is known.

A composition different from industrial salt, washed and dried, guarantees a lower purity of sodium chloride and a higher purity of elements such as ferric, calcium or iodized salts, in a natural way that redounds both to the health of the person who consumes it and to their health palate. Its special difference lies in an optimal presence of these three elements and Magnesium salts with potential benefits and states of necessity of the same.

Storage conditions : Keep in a cool, dry place out of the reach of light (between 5ºC and 30ºC).

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