Flannery Beef Tenderloin USDA Prime - 8oz


Midwestern Filet Mignon

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Flannery Beef

Location: San Rafael, CA

About: Flannery, a local purveyor, selects only the best cuts from California and Midwest cattle; dry aged in California by Flannery

USDA Prime

Unquestionably the most tender steak you can serve up. Absolutely fork tender and devoid of most excess fat; this steak could be called the sashimi cut of beef. Perfect choice to provide a noticeable thickness without an overwhelming portion.

The Filet Mignon cut comes from the Tenderloin - or the part of the "T-Bone" steak. Because it hangs inside the ribs, it's not a particularly active muscle within a cow. (The equivalent muscle in humans is the Psoas muscle, which helps us walk, stand, and stay balanced on our legs. Cows don't stand up, but they do tip over!)

With very little marbling, connective tissue, and outside fat, the Tenderloin cut is considered one of the most tender steaks you can get. It doesn't have the marbling of a Ribeye or Prime rib, so it can dry out very easily and takes well to sauces (Sauce Bordelaise, Sauce Bearnaise), which gives it some added moisture. It is a great steak for slicing thinly (after a little time in a freezer) for Carpaccio or Steak Tartare and is perfect for both Pho and Sukiyaki.

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