Bee La Forte Farm

Duck Eggs (Superfood Fed) - 6ea


Bee La Forte Farm proudly presents the most delicious eggs you ever tasted!

Our animals are raised under Agroforestry guidance, treated humanly and fed right - Our feed is the best available in the market, and no Soy, No Corn, no fillers are in it - just the best of a well balanced formula for our pampered animals.

The feeding and proper living conditions result in eggs that are suitable for people with the hardest dietary conditions. No soy, corn, and any GMO’s is ever present in our feed, our eggs are easier to digest and easier on you body! You get the flavor, the smooth consistency of the eggs, without the unwanted junk.

Our core values are founded into bringing life back to the way nature created it. We are foodies, we believe in eating to nourish our bodies with the best, and that starts on how you feed the animals and plants that feed us! Our featherly friends feed is also supplemented with a proprietary blend of SUPERFOODS - ranging from Omega’s rich Acai, Elderberry, minerals abundant coconut water all the way to turmeric, moringa & spirulina. "Nourish what you eat, and you will nourish yourself!!!"

Our farm has been in development,  following the steps of our sister farm located in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where we started some 5 years ago, on a pretty bald top of the hill in the Mountains… today it has a flourishing  green forest, mixed with a prosperous growth of vegetables and fruits and animals… all sharing the same culture, being fed right from the start.

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