Central Coast Creamery

Dream Weaver (Central Coast Creamery) ~6.5oz



Central Coast Creamery

Location: Paso Robles, CA

"Our new goat cheese is a longtime dream project of owner/cheesemaker Reggie Jones. When he built the creamery in 2012 he envisioned making a washed mixed rind wheel. However, our ripening rooms are designed for all lower humidity aged cheeses. After years of development, and a little innovation, a rockstar was born. It boasts flavors of sweet goat cream, with notes of yeast and vanilla followed with a pleasant acidity and bitterness akin to bergamot or lemon peel. This complex cheese has a lovely texture that melts on the tongue. Taste the dream!"

"We focus on making small, handcrafted batches of cheese using 500 gallons or less of quality milk that is free of artificial hormone and sourced from local dairies." Central Coast Creamery