DeCarlo Eggplant in Olive Oil - 190 g

From DeCarlos La Creme series of products comes this delicious spread that is meant to be spread on bread and enjoyed.  We also like to lay a little bit down on the plate underneath grilled fish or roasted vegetables as a secret flavor enhancer!

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ORIGIN: Bitritto (BA) – Italy

INGREDIENTS: A typical preserve in the tradition of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, made with the so-called "Violet of Brindisi", an Apulian artichoke whose name is inspired by the characteristic violet coloring of the leaves. Extra-virgin olive oil, artichokes, garlic, mint, salt, chili and vinegar: just a few essential ingredients for a dish that best expresses the flavors of the South.

Manufactured with a very low percentage of vinegar and packaged within 24 hours of collection, they are suitable for preparing pizzas and are ideal for sandwiches, starters, sauces and appetizing meat or fish dishes. Available in various shapes and forms: "Grilled artichokes", "Natural artichokes" and "Heart of artichokes".

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