Antica Macelleria Cecchini

Dario Cecchini Olive Oil - 550ml

This olive oil is produced exclusively for Dario Cecchini by Giachi Oleari.  It is well balanced, moderately intense, and fruity.  Dario mixes this olive oil with his seasoning salt to baste meat while it cooks, imparting a subtle flavor that evokes the flavors of the Tuscan hills he adores so much.

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Producer: Mieli Thun

Location: Vigo di Ton TN, Italy

Its bouquet is characterized by the scents of chrysanths and daisies, hummus, peat and cut bark with a finish dominated by the pungent and singular notes of macerated flower stems. to the palate it is moderately sweet and slightly astringent, with a fresh plant note. the milk used to make tronchon cheese, cited by cervantes in his famous work, don quixote, was curdled with cardoon flowers.

Its opulent taste makes it a natural match for legume and grain-based dishes, and also for more exotic purées, like hummus. try it as an ingredient in a sweet and sour sauce consisting of sesame, mustard, cumin, oil, salt and vinegar.


In tuna sauce, green sauce and mayonnaise. use it for a sweet and sour sauce with sesame, cumin, oil, salt and vinegar.

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