Corvus Farms

Corvus Farms Pasture-Raised Whole Duck - ea

We are so excited to offer this incredibly special duck from Corvus Farms in Pescadero, CA.  Rob Corvus raises a Pekin Breed of duck that traces its genetics back to Grimaud, France.  Robs birds are fed a high protein grain diet and then finished on rosemary and mint. He harvests them at 5 weeks, which is much younger than most other producers harvest theirs, resulting in a smaller duck with incredibly tender meat that still retains amazing flavor and fat. We absolutely love to roast these ducks whole.  The legs can also be removed for confit or braised seperately. and the  bone-in breast, or "crown" roast, can be cooked separately for those who prefer a their duck breast cooked medium-rare.  Each bird is roughly 4.5 lbs.

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