Fiscalini Old World Cheddar - 5 oz


Fiscalini's Old World Aged Cheddar is made in the traditional English style and remains our most popular and highly awarded cheese. It is firm, yet crumbly with a robust and buttery taste. During the 14-month aging process the wheels are wrapped in a cheesecloth to protect the outermost layer while allowing the cheese to breathe and develop internally. It is straw colored and has a nutty, slightly smoky, and earthy finish. This hard cheese is made from raw cow’s milk and handcrafted into 60-pound wheels.

Shelbourne Farms
Shelburne, VT
Our Extra Sharp Cheddar is our best known cheddar. Aged for a minimum of 2 years, this cheese has the classic Vermont cheddar cheese profile...acid forward sharpness, some minerality, and sweetness on the back end. Great to snack on any time of year, but especially during apple picking season and deep winter days.

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