Minus 8 Concord Grape Vinegar - 200ml


ORIGIN: Ontario, Canada

Vinegar that tastes like fresh pressed Concord grape juice is made from these delicious blue grapes that are native to our area. 

Ingredients: wine vinegar
Acetic Acid 5%
Optimal storage 12°C/55°F, 45% Humidity

Appearance: Deep purple colour (almost stains the glass)

Density: Medium thick with rich viscosity

Aromas: Penetrating and intense, quite grapey with fresh red and black berry fruit, chocolate, jam (blackberry/mulberry), sugar-ripe fruit, like overripe raspberries and wild strawberries, with notes of dried cranberry, ripe banana and fresh grape juice.

Palate: Sweet/sour, piquant, grapey, fresh blackberry coulis, mulberry jam, framboise, wild strawberry, grape jelly, almost like a fresh young ruby port or banyuls without the alcohol.

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