CONCORD8 - Blue Grape IceWine Vinegar

Minus 8
Wine Vinegar Acetic Acid 5% Optimal storage 12°C/55°F, 45% Humidity

Appearance: Deep purple colour (almost stains the glass)

Density: Medium thick with rich viscosity

Aromas: Penetrating and intense, quite grapey with fresh red and black berry fruit, chocolate, jam (blackberry/mulberry), sugar-ripe fruit, like overripe raspberries and wild strawberries, with notes of dried cranberry, ripe banana and fresh grape juice.

Palate: Sweet/sour, piquant, grapey, fresh blackberry coulis, mulberry jam, framboise, wild strawberry, grape jelly, almost like a fresh young ruby port or banyuls without the alcohol.

Vinegar that tastes like fresh pressed Concord grape juice is made from these delicious blue grapes that are native to our area.

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