Secret Squirrel

Cold Brew Coffee (Secret Squirrel) - 10oz

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee
Anaheim, CA
“Our customers and coffee consumers are demanding an authentic, clean, great tasting coffee shop experience in a bottle and we whole-heartedly believe that Secret Squirrel delivers these high standards” said Marce McKinnon, Brand Manager, Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee. “It’s absolutely critical that we stay committed to clean label, high quality ingredients and smooth, great taste. Unlike some competitors, we don’t use any preservatives, additives or stabilizers. We always use organic beans, rBST free milk and remain BPA free. Our cold brew is processed the traditional way to create the best tasting cold brew coffee. It’s who we are, we’re passionate about the craft of coffee and we’re excited to share what real cold brew coffee is all about”.