Cod Cheeks - 8oz


A fisherman's favorite cut! 

Cod Cheeks are the cheeks taken from the head of a cod.

An insider favorite among chefs, they are bite sized and slightly firmer than a cod fillet.

These require minimal preparation and are an ideal “light bite” as a starter dish, or part of another dish. Slightly firmer than regular cod fillets, they work well in curries or stir-fries. 

8oz per order. Arrives fresh. 


This cut is classic for a Spanish pil pil (Kokotxas al pil pil) recipe. Salt the cheeks for 30 minutes, pat dry. Lay the cheeks out in a single layer in a pan that fits them all without much extra space. Add 1/4 cup olive oil and a clove of garlic. Heat very slowly over low heat while swirling the pan constantly, until the gelatin comes out from the fish and emulsifies the sauce. Final dish is decadent and rich. Serve with something light like watercress and tomato and crusty bread for mopping up the sauce.

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