Caponi Egg Tagliolini - 250 g.

The Caponi pasta factory was founded in Tuscany 1953.  Headed by two brothers, Andrea e Alessandro Tagliagambre, Caponi only uses durum wheat flour, because of its high protein content, and fresh eggs, split by hand.  They take special precautions during the drying phase, allowing the pasta 70-80 hours of drying time at room temperature.

Producer: Mancini


Location: Italy


Ingredients: Semolina and water


Cooking time: Between 7 and 9 minutes.

Our Turanici line pasta is made from turanicum wheat (triticum turgidum subspecie turanicum, more commonly known as T. Turanicum) from certified organic agriculture. This type of wheat grows in the Khorasan region (northeastern Iran) and also in Italy, but nowadays it has been forgotten. Since 2013 our company collaborates with Prometeo, a company of Urbino, and Oriana Porfiri, an expert agronomist. We have begun to develop methodologies and pasta making tools to best interpret the treasure of this wheat, revaluated and cultivated by Prometeo. We use circular bronze die plates and we dry pasta at temperatures lower than 44°C, taking about 20 hours for short pasta and about 40 hours for long pasta. The result obtained by the union of this semolina and water is an earth colored pasta with a marked scent of wheat.

Turanicum spaghetti are 260 mm long and 2,2 mm wide. Their cooking time is between 7 and 9 minutes.

Turanicum wheat is a durum wheat subspecies. The agronomic classifcation is Triticum turgidum subspecies Turanicum, commonly known worldwide as Triticum Turanicum.

The variety originated in the Khorasan region (north-east of Iran) and its cultivations are present in the Meditteranean basin and also in Italy, but in modern times they have been lost because of low yield. This wheat is characterized by the following features: large ear, often with black awns; big and extended grains; strong and tall plants; excellent tillering capacities.

These last characteristics make the turanicum durum wheat varieties particularly suitable for organic cultivation.

Since 2006, Prometeo in Urbino- in collaboration with Oriana Porfiri, an expert cereal agronomist - has evaluated different turanicum wheat lines, in particular n.17 and n.38, organizing a production chain, from seed to the initial transformation of the milling process.

The result is Pasta Manici's Turanicum Durum Wheat Spaghetti: earth-coloured and with a pronounced smell of grain when cooked.

Given the delicacy of its structure, it is recommended a cautitious, fast passage in the pan during stirring with the sauce, in order to maintain unaltered all the peculiarities of texture and taste.

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