From Roy

Candied Orange Raisin Panettone


This impeccably baked Panettone showcases Chef (and bakery legend) FromRoy's Michelin star talent. Naturally leavened candied orange raisin panettone. It's Oprah's favorite. Making it the most famous panettone in the states. Made right here in the Bay Area, too.

Don't forget to add Pariani Hazelnut & Cocoa and Sicilian Pistachio nut spreads to your order!

Carefully crafted with flour, water, sugar, egg yolk, honey, salt, butter, citrus essence, candied orange peel, raisins. The topping is made of sugar, almond, egg white, cocoa, flour, cornstarch, pearl sugar.

Weight: 1kg

10-12 Servings


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