Four Star Seafood

Ignalat Burrata - 125g


It is the feather in our cap and in the whole Apulian dairy production. It is made of an outer handmade shell of mozzarella. Its stuffing of frayed mozzarella and cream gives it a mild and delicate taste. It is eaten alone or seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. It is sometimes served with salads, tomato, bread or refined dishes like smoked salmon.


Location: Italy

In 1948 we chose quality. When the master dairy producer Vincenzo Ignazzi launched his production he was adopting those tools which came from farming culture and he could count on local precious milk.

Today, as heirs of such choice, we are still adopting just that milk since we know that a product is really typical when its raw material is closely linked to the territory. Nevertheless, our cheese’s excellence also comes from our dairymen’s passion. Their handmade work serves to plait, mould and shape according to the traditional rules and their desire to innovate with creativity.

These are the ingredients which give birth to our fresh and aged cheeses, mozzarella and other specialities like caciotta, giuncata and the rest of our production. Tradition, added to the efforts and reliability of our family, has given birth to quality products we are proud of.

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