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Buddha's Hand - ea

Definitely one of the cooler looking fruits that are out there, Buddah's Hand are also known as Citron.  The zest is really what you are after here, which is floral and delicate in flavor.  We love to use whole Buddah's hand to infuse alcohols, shrubs, or anything you would want to impart a floral citrus note upon.
Vince and Vicki Bernard along with one employee, Cesar Pascual, who sells at farmers markets.
50 Acres in Riverside County, about 430 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.
Farm History
Vince and Vicki Bernard bought their first citrus grove in 1984. They pride themselves on the flavor and sweetness of their fruit, which they attribute to the combination of their rich soil and suitable southern California climate. They always pick the fruit within two days of bringing it to market. The Bernards believe in paying careful attention to the planting and growing processes. They closely monitor the water needs of the trees, use beneficial insects to control pests, use seaweed and mulch to balance nutrients, and “constantly harass” large pests like gophers and squirrels. Vince also believes in placing flavor ahead of appearance and hand-selects rootstock that will produce the sweetest fruit.
The decomposed granite and clay soil is fertilized with seaweed and urea.
Water Use
Drip irrigation.
Weed Control
Hand weeding.
Pest Management
Release of beneficial insects (parasitic wasps, lady beetles and lace wings); hand-trapping gophers (the Bernards do not use synthetic pesticides).
The first navel orange trees were developed around 12 miles from the Bernards’ house. And they’re still alive!
Riverside, California

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