Biagio Bone-in Shortrib Plate (2.75-3.25#) - ea


Producer: Biagio Artisan Meats

Location: San Leandro, CA

Info: Corn-Fed, Locally-Raised, Humanely-Treated

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Biagio Artisan Meats

Location: San Leandro, CA

About: Biagio sources its products from small artisan ranchers and farmers. All animals are born and raised in California. These products come only from ranchers and farmers that meet Biagio's criteria of  sustainability, humaneness toward animals, and consistent quality.

Locally raised; Humanely treated

Short Ribs come from between the chuck and the ribs and combine the best characteristics of both cuts. They have the rich marbling of the ribs and the intense flavor of the chuck.

Short ribs do best with a low and slow cooking method to hydrolyze the collagen into mouth-watering gelatin. Either braised, which gives you a very intense sauce, or smoked whole.

If you trim your ribs, the trimmings are perfect additions to be grounded with your ground beef for burgers.

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