Alexandre Family Farm

Whole Milk - Cert. Regenerative Organic A2/A2 6%


This whole milk from the Alexandre Family Farm has a 6% butterfat which adds a deeper, richer quality to the milk, significantly creamier than regular whole milk.

The Alexandre Family really checks all the boxes.  They are committed to regenerative farming practices, they are non-GMO certified, 100% organic, and their packaging is 100%  BPA-Free.  And of course, it tastes great!

So what exactly is A2/A2 milk?  Traditionally, the beta casein in cow’s milk was the same as the primary protein in human milk:  A2 /A2 beta casein.  A2/A2 beta casein protein is the most natural and easy to absorb protein for Humans! However, over time, there has been a genetic mutation in cows resulted in cows with two types of proteins – A1 and A2. Unfortunately, the A1 beta casein can be difficult for humans to digest and is linked to many health issues. 14 years ago, Stephanie and Blake Alexandre determined to breed the A1 beta casein gene out of their herd of cows. The result today is that we have 100% A2/A2 cows producing 100% A2/A2 organic milk (A1-free).

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