Aintzia Piparra Sweet Peppers (Organic) - 212 ml


Also known as the “guindilla” chili, piparras are a tasty and colorful addition to any cheese or charcuterie board. In Spain’s Basque Country, piparras are savored in many a dish including tomato and onion salads topped with ventresca tuna. Or try the famous pintxo, the Gilda. Pintxos or “toothpicks” are skewered with a gordal olive, marinated white anchovy or “boquerone" and a sweet, pickley piparra pepper.

In addition to responsible farming practices, the Labaien Family uses an organic vinegar vs the bitter decolored vinegar prevalent in conventional piparra pickling. The organic vinegar provides a pleasant note to the piparra which allows the pepper’s sweetness to stand out.

You simply must enjoy these alongside some of our wonderful Don Bocarte Anchovies or Don Bocarte Boquerones.

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