Aeden Fermented Foods

Aeden Sagohachi - 8oz

Sagohachi is a pickling sauce made from amazake (mochi rice and koji) and salt. To make your pickles simply mix this sauce with your favorite chopped vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, eggplant) in a ziplock bag and leave to pickle over night.  Sagohachi yields a subtle, sweet, yet aromatic pickle that is rich in probiotics and flavor!

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Aeden Fermented Foods
Rice Koji, Rice, Salt, water (gluten and soy free)
A sauce perfect to use if you are just discovering quick pickles. The fermentation from the Rice Koji creates a depth of flavor that usually takes several weeks of curing and fermenting. Cucumber, carrots, daikon are all perfect candidates for pickling with this salty, sweet starter. Can also be used to help cure fresh fish such as our salmon or black cod.

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