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Pasturebird chickens spend their entire lives (from day 1!) on their namesake field in Temecula, CA. Daily mobile coop rotation allows them to forage fresh grass, clover, and grubs. This native diet is supplemented with milled grains, free of methionine — the synthetic amino acid added to most poultry feed.

As the country’s largest pastured poultry producer, Pasturebird’s focus is impact. Their mission is nothing short of the end of factory farming. Their holistic approach to land stewardship integrates plants, animals, water, air, and soil, going beyond sustainability to create a fully regenerative ecosystem.

Pasturebird has carefully selected their chicken genetics — Cornish X, Freedom Ranger, and Black Black Silkie — for their high-yielding body composition. The birds are meaty, tender, and rich with native terroir. Breed depending, the birds are raised to 8-11 weeks. Pasturebird is Certified Humane, Certified Wildlife Friendly, and Certified Paleo Friendly. Halal slaughter is available on request.

Cream Co. Pasturebird Whole Chicken ~4lb